Coaching & Learn to Bowl

Coaching & Learn to Bowl

The Club has a number of qualified men and women coaches who can provide coaching assistance to new bowlers wishing to take up the game of Lawn Bowls or current bowlers wishing to improve their skills. This service is free to all new and existing bowling members.

Coaching times are from 2:00pm to 3:00pm on Tuesday and Thursday.  Coaching can also be arranged on Saturday mornings – by appointment.

Our Club Coaches also conduct a six week “Lawn Bowls for Beginners” course in conjunction with St. George Sutherland Community College (SGSCC) during each of the four College terms.

Enrollments are handled by SGSCC – for details Phone the College on 9528 3344.

Roll-Ups (Practice)

Monday is the Greens maintenance day and no roll-ups are permitted.

Tuesday & Thursday mornings are Ladies bowls days and no roll-ups are permitted.

Tuesday & Thursday afternoons – Roll-ups are permitted after 2.00 pm if no matches are in progress

Wednesday & Saturday mornings – Roll-ups are permitted from 11:00am to 12:00pm

Wednesday & Saturday afternoons are Men’s bowls days and no roll-ups are permitted

Friday afternoons are Mixed Jackpot Pairs from 3:00pm to 5:00pm and no roll-ups are permitted

All Bowlers MUST check the Greenkeepers display boards for the availability of a green, before Rolling-up on any particular day.   No Roll-ups are permitted if the board indicates that a green is closed.

All roll-ups MUST be on the rink boundary markers,  not on the centreline!

 NB:No Roll-ups are permitted at any time, on a green where an organised match is in progress.


  • Don’t place Bowls Bags on seats.
  • When ‘turning-over’ the score board, after the game, turn the ‘numbers’ towards the front
  • Return scorecards to the controlling body immediately on completion of the match.
  • As you leave a green (whether after organised bowls or just a ‘roll-up’) – look around you:

º  If shades are still extended…  roll them in (even if you didn’t extend them)

º  Ensure all mats & jacks are returned to their respective Mat Box

º  If yours is the last rink to finish on a green, ensure the Mat Box is locked

º  Return all empty glasses to the bar (the sprinklers will blow them of the drink stand)

º  Return water barrels & cup holders to the bar

  • Look after the greens!  They are our major asset,  eg:

º  Move the mat to even-out the wear.

º  Don’t drop bowls from the bank.

º  Don’t ‘dump’ your bowls or ‘shoot from the hip’

If we don’t look after the greens, we have no right to criticise their condition !

These are all very simple things that we ALL should be doing.  Don’t leave it to ‘someone else’ !

We ALL have an obligation to ‘Do The Right Thing’

If you see someone not complying…  please remind them of their obligation.